Paul Trollinger

How many lawyers does it take to solve a math problem? At Dirigo Law Group, the answer is three plus Paul. We were skeptical at first that Paul—who worked as a high school mathematics teacher in Colorado for 27 years and “loved” teaching AP Calculus—could really figure these math things out better than the rest of us, but we can finally admit that he proved us wrong. After retiring from teaching and moving to the East Coast to be closer to family, Paul picked up law firm bookkeeping like it was nothing. It could be his background in finance and accounting that made him such a quick study—Paul holds an MBA in Finance from the University of Michigan, a BA in Math Education from the University of Wisconsin, and a BS in Geology from the University of Wyoming. Whatever it is, Paul can produce spreadsheets, reports, and figures quicker than we can say “quickbooks.” 

Paul is passionate about using his skills and expertise to help others, and for many years he has served as Treasurer for Bountiful Hope Foundation, an NGO in Lesotho, Africa, with a primary goal of supporting orphans of Lesotho through education, vocational training, economic development, and various community outreach projects. When Paul is not crunching numbers, you might find him spending time with family (including a few cute grandkids) in Massachusetts and Colorado, biking, hanging out with his wife Cindy, or laughing at one of his own jokes.  (He’s pretty funny so we are probably laughing too, but that’s not the point.)