Sarah Plummer

Sarah M. Godfrey

Born and raised in “The Keag” as the locals call it (we’re pretty sure that’s somewhere around South Thomaston), Sarah graduated from Rockland District High School and quickly ran away to Colorado. After living out west for seven years, she missed home and packed up her cat, got in her car, and returned to Midcoast Maine. It is this author’s personal opinion that she knew we were back here waiting for her.

With ten years of experience working in banks, Sarah made a flawless transition into her role as a paralegal for Chris MacLean in 2006. After excelling as a paralegal for close to ten years, she was approached about bossing even more people around and took on an office manager role in 2016. At Dirigo Law Group, she makes full use of her diverse background. She does excellent paralegal work, working directly with clients on their cases. She also ensures the daily operations of the firm run smoothly, overseeing the firm’s bookkeeping, marketing, technology, and building management. Basically, she wears many hats! Sarah is a logistical genius, and before joining Dirigo Law Group, Sarah was instrumental in accomplishing multiple law firm mergers.

To keep herself up to the formidable task of running the firm, in her free time Sarah enjoys hiking, riding her Peloton, golf, and snow shoeing.  Where would we be without our fiery redhead? Let’s hope we never find out.