Christopher K. MacLean

Photo by Patrisha McLean

Fun fact: Chris’s middle name is really, truly, “King.” No joke. He certainly thinks the name fits, and judging by the respect he commands in the courtroom, we’re inclined to agree with him. His demand for perfection from everyone in the office and his overwhelmingly competitive nature certainly reinforce the likeness. 

Raised by Maine’s long-serving chief forensic psychologist, Chris was treated to a taste of the courtroom at a young age and gained a deep understanding of what makes human beings tick. Harnessing these insights and following in the footsteps of his great-grandfather—who was admitted to the Maine bar in 1905—he entered the University of Maine Law School in 1993. Since 1996, Chris has won cases in all of Maine’s sixteen counties and in just about every area of law; he has fought cases in federal court in Maine and Massachusetts, in the US Virgin Islands, and in California. He has taken fourteen depositions in Canada, argued seventeen cases before the Maine Law Court, and has hit something like eighteen home runs in the Camden coed softball league, which is not surprising because he played semi-pro softball before law school. Chris served for many years on the Maine Advisory Committee on the Rules of Evidence and as Chair of the Camden Planning Board; he is also Chair of the Maine Board of Bar Examiners.

Wherever he is holding court, you will see the same competitive nature, the same understanding of psychology, the same drive for perfection, and the same pair of jeans. His initially quiet and unassuming demeanor belies a sharp tongue holding back a vicious and meticulously prepared argument he’s saved especially for this moment. If you need an expert litigator for a tricky family, criminal, or civil matter, need an expert to handle your appeal, or need a diplomat to resolve a confidential matter through back channels outside of court, Christopher King MacLean is your attorney.

I’ll warn you now: sitting across Chris’s desk can be an unsettling experience. We’re pretty sure he knows exactly what we’re thinking about before we think it. But knowing that his probing gaze, enormous mental library, thirst for victory, and royal attitude are on your side? That will put you right at ease. If you can’t find Chris in the courtroom or his office you can probably find him hiking mountains (Kilimanjaro and the 100 Mile Wilderness are his most memorable accomplishments), hiding away at Sugarloaf, spending time with his daughters, planning quixotic adventures, and imagining the conquest of new kingdoms.